Havana Urban Adventures

John has been living, studying, travelling, and adventuring in Latin America since 1990, and guiding and developing tourism programs there since 1997. He speaks both Spanish and Portuguese fluently and first starting working in Cuba in 2002. Since then has found it hard to stay away from the island for any length of time. His passion is to share the uniqueness of Cuba and its culture with others and to provide an authentic experience for those who are willing to dive right in.

Clarita had the travel bug from an early age, travelling to Japan at 15 as an exchange student. Since then her passion for travel and other cultures has only grown over time. She has travelled extensively to many countries, but treats Cuba as her second home. Her speciality and interests are strongly rooted in Cuban Culture and the Arts. She has worked, coordinated, and performed in some of Cuba's fantastic festivals. She speaks a little of many languages, and is fluent in Spanish and Japanese.

In 2005, we set out with the objective of helping grass-roots tourism initiatives throughout Latin America reach world-wide audiences with personalised service.

We seek to share the cultural exchange that is beneficial both to the traveller and the locals.
We began by running our own tours in our favourite destination of Cuba. With our emphasis on environmentally and socially responsible travel, we work hard to make travel in Cuba more than just a "vacation".

We strongly believe in our key principles for operating our tours in a responsible way – sustainable, sensitive, and with minimal impact. We only deal with local providers, local families, and local communities.

Along the way, we provide the safety, security, knowledge, and leadership so that you can enjoy the riches Cuba has to offer. Most of all, we promise that every step of the way, we do everything to make your adventure authentic and maybe even life-changing.

We are really excited to be working with Urban Adventures and opening up opportunities for travellers to experience day tours in Havana with our great team of local staff.

We only hope to extend this over time to explore some other fantastic trips and to share these with you!